Do not use this company for your loan needs. They do not honor their contracts. i paid off a payday loan on the date it was due and they charged me 2 months worth of interest because they said i didnt contact them 2 days prior to tell them i was paying off their loan. it says in their contract you must contact them if you do not want them to take the total loan amount out of your account on the due date. I did not contact them and they only took out the renewal amount not the payoff. i went online and paid off the account, they told me i missed the deadline by 2 minutes so i was charged an additional months interest which was $224 dolllars. When i read the contract to them word for word on the phone they hung up on me. i called back and left messages for supervisors with no response. Every time i call the same 2 people answer, seems like only 2 people work for the company.

Po Box 472 Internet USA