best foreign cars this company will not do the work you ask, say they did and then over charge you for it. severna park Maryland!!. I went to this vw shop to get a tune up on my vw, I was verbally quoted 80 for the job I agreed. When I went to pick my car up I was told my bill was 220 I protested but I was told that the verbal quote was now a “rough estimate” not my actual price i asked to see the manager I was told that I was talking to him. He threatened to keep my car if I didnt pay so I did and I asked for my old parts back. when I got home I inspected the work that was done because my car wasn’t ruining as good as it was when I took it there. I looked at my returned parts and they weren’t the same brand of parts that I usually put in my car so I called the manager and he assured me that they were my parts and the work was done correctly by professionals I disagreed and hung up upon further inspection of my car I found that the only thing that was changed was my cap and rotor. So they overcharged me for work that they didnt do, and they kept the parts that I supplied. Overall terrible business practices and unprofessional shop and staff

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