Oh by the way make sure you don’t use the S*** word when dealing with the third-party customer support staff or company or whatever the heck it is. I signed up, I read and was aware of the $98 dollars that was going to be charged. First of all, it wasn’t the watch they advertised at all. I had every intention to cancel and Sunday was the 14th day. I couldn’t call in, I had to email them. This is because they don’t even have a phone number and the third party people are closed on Sunday. So is it my fault I can’t reach a company by phone and the next day first thing in the morning, they charge me with $98. I called the number that was on the bank statement and this woman finally picked up. So this company has another company do their dirty work for them. So the woman cancelled my account but refused to refund my money. Its almost as if she had a share of the $98. Something else that is very sketchy is for $98 they send you a $600 plus watch. Is this realistic? HOW can a company afford to give away these watches and afford a third party company to take care of all their crap and disputes. THE ONLY ANSWER TO THIS, IS THEY ARE BOOTLEG OR FAKE WATCHES. So this sucker payed over $100 for a $5 dollar watch. My hat goes off to BESTNEWLUXURY.COM. It’s so true, a sucker is born every minute or every second, whatever it is, and man did they get me good. Congratulations, there is a special place for your kind when the end is coming, and believe me it’s coming fast. May God have mercy on you, and I do forgive you. My conscious is clean, at least.

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