While shopping for a pair of UGG boots on sale on the Internet I came across a website that seemed “to good to be true

“” and I was dumb enough to buy from them

called Best Ugg Sale <www.bestuggsale.us/&gt;. The website seemed safe – it mentioned the boots are authentic and that if you were not satisfied you could get your money back… So I ordered the boots. When the boots arrived there was no receipt nor return information. I ignored that detail for a minute and tried on the boots… They did not fit ? Not only that

as I examined them closer I noticed that they are FAKE (not authentic as the website claims). I tried calling the number to see how I can return the merchandise and get my full refund (as the website claims)

and the number gave me a busy dial tone. I than emailed the company and got the following response inside the email: Is there anybody fit for the boots? So that you needn’t return the boots. Thanks! I am now stuck with a pair of boots that do not fit and with no credit on my credit card. Please Please Please