This report is in regards to my experience from spending one night at the Best Western located at: 1534 Hwy 38 West Latta, SC 29565 March 5, 2009. nMy husband and I have been married for 31 years and raised three sons, two of which live in New York. My youngest who aspired to further his career in the culinary world, made a trip to New York last month and was hired to work in a restaurant on Madison Ave. He flew home and hence came the preparations for his move to New York City. nMy son and I left West Palm Beach, Florida March 1, 2009 and traveled all the way to Smithfield, NC and spent the night at a Best Western Hotel. It was an unusually clean room which I attributed most to the fact that it appeared to have recently been renovated. Regardless, it was quiet and the staff pleasant. I decided I would stay at another Best Western upon my return to Florida. nSince my son remained in New York, the return drive to Florida March 5, 2009 would be by myself. I drove from New York City to Latta, SC a total of 624 miles in one day. I stopped at the first Best Western after crossing the SC state line. nAfter checking in, getting something to eat, and adding air to my car’s tires, I was ready to settle for the night. Ready in my night clothes, I go to the bed and pull the covers back and noticed that the top left portion of the fitted sheet was sliding halfway up the mattress, the way it looks when the pressure of a person has been applied. To confirm what I thought, I pulled the sheet further and noticed as I suspected, the sheets were wrinkled from someone else sleeping in the bed. I immediately got dressed and planned on packing and going to another hotel, but changed my mind and decided to stay because I was to tired after driving 624 miles alone in one day. I made the best of it by covering the entire bed with the topmost layer sheet, used the comforter to keep warm, and increased the temperature on the heater. nI researched the web and found that hotels try to save money on supplies by not changing sheets and towels every day; they are changed only if the room is being used by the SAME patron daily. Also, they are to only vacuum the carpet where people walk; the vacuuming job is not thorough, for it is not used everywhere, not even under the bed. nWhile I understand the need for saving money is important, the fact is that I paid $82.40 for one night to sleep on sheets someone else had already slept in. nMarianWest Palm Beach, FloridaU.S.A.

1534 Hwy 38 West Latta, South Carolina U.S.A.