Called about puppy for sale. Picked puppy out from pictures. Exchanged info for Western Union payment. Paid and sent money. They received money said they would ship puppy next day because later in day. Next day got message dropped pup off at airport. Got message from airport that I had to pay $1700.US for a climate control crate before they would ship. Thru Western Union again and would receive full refund in cash when I picked up pup. Went to Western Union paid money when I got home received call from Western Union saying that they think that this is fraudulent and they advised against going thru with it and would give me full payment back including fees pd. When I text Airport back said I had to pay but the money was to be sent to Chebe Valentine in the United Kingdom. After arguing with Ivy for six hours to try and find another way to ship the dog she said she uses these people and it was up to me to pay it was my responsibility When I said I paid for puppy and shipping she said she would leave puppy at airport because she would loose her integrity and respect going back to airport. If I didn’t want to pay deposit then she would leave puppy there. I told her I would not take chance losing $1700US If she could not make alterative arrangements then I wanted my money back I paid for the puppy and shipping . She said she would but I never received anything and she will not return any text from me.. I demand I want my money back. Stay away

  • #Ivy Johnson|Chebe Valentine
  • #Ivy Johnson |Chebe Valentine

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