My wife *****, was looking up food recipes on her pc when a message popped up stating someone was attempting to use her pc and if you call Bestbuy 24×7 Solutions at 888-448-2350 then they can fix that. ***** is not computer savvy and called, got an tech named Micheal (with an Indian accent) who was given access to her computer and downloaded and deleted files; for $329, he can protect her for 3 yrs; she gave him our Discover card no. I (husband) came home from work and saw this happening. Michael would not stop nor refund money. I called my Life Lock rep and reported this to them, then called Discover Card and had then cancel our Dicsover Card. This was a definite scam. I investigated this company and they are only about 70 days old on the web. Any questions call me, **** ****** ************. Thanks.