I ordered product, it caused severe eye issue for me. I called and cancelled product months prior to this event I am reporting. | On 8/28/2015, I checked my online banking statement, and noticed a charge for $91.90. I immediately called the (888) number, indicated on my bank statement. It was the same company I cancelled product with. I again, after arguing with them canceled any product from them, and demanded, they do not send or charge me for any product from them again. | I look at my online banking statement again, as I do frequently. I noticed another charge for $91.90 from the same company, and same phone number that I called and argued with on 8/28/2015. I am furious, I called them again, their explanation being, it was one of the other companies. So I get the impression, they claim they have other companies, so they can pull off stealing peoples money. I can’t afford these kind of sneaky, underminded, thieving games. I only live on my disability, I can’t afford this. These people are talking complete advantage of people.


Name: BestEyeCreams.com

Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: 888-510-9135

Website: www.besteyecreams.com/