These pharmacies that are taking advantage of older people and people like me. I am fifty with several back and neck problems along with a Brocken hip The pharmacy told me and it’s website is Phone number is 570-647-4755 His name is Bob Cortseyl I am fairly certain that you may find them or him in Philadelphia,PA. Other than that I never new about online pharmacies and I wish I never did. The worst part is that I used my Mom’s money $ 2700.00 and I no that she will never get her money back | Bob Cortseyl , These people are telling people honest hard working people get ripped off he claims to have over fifty of these sites. People have to read this and you can not stand by and let this happen toys. To BAD that there are people out there you wo I am not the best writer but I will try. The worst part is I have spinal stenosis and degeneration of the disks in my back and neck. Plus I fractured my right hip on September 6 2016 at 9:45 am, trust me if you ever did that you will remember to the second. My 84 year old mother paid for what we thought was a legitimate pharmacy and they said they have Doctors that ask you about your problems and they’re allowed to write the prescription. But all that happened is I got ripped off. I believe that Bob Cortseyl is in Philadelphia PA.



Country: United States

State: Alaska



Phone: 570-647-4755