On contract # XXXXXXXX, we rented a washer, dryer, and a sectional. Delivery occurred 3 hours later than originally promised, but this was not a huge issue. However, I made an appointment with the manager of the Cleveland store on Tuesday, June 9, to have the items picked up on Friday, June 12, as we no longer needed the items and wanted to return them. The manager actually expressed appreciation that I had provided such ample notice. I scheduled the appointment for 11 AM. At the appointed time on June 12, I called the store to confirm the appointment. I was assured that the truck was delayed somewhat, but otherwise en route. I waited. At 11:40 AM I called again to ask the status of the truck. I explained that I had an appointment at noon and that the truck to pick up the items was 40 minutes late. Again I was assured that the truck was u201con the way.u201d One hour and a broken appointment later, I called the store a third time and spoke with a sales person, who explained that the manager was out to lunch. She also explained that pickup and delivery times were scheduled around a two-hour u201cwindowu201d. This was the first Iu2019d heard that. Had I known that to be the case, I would have scheduled two hours earlier than I had, just to account for that u201cwindow.u201d Finally, at 1:15 PM, more than two hours late, the truck with two men arrived and picked up the furniture items. I had to request that one of them hand-write and sign a simple statement acknowledging that they had received the items u2013 they were unprepared to accept the items in writing. As a customer, I find this kind of treatment appalling. You can be assured we will never grace the doorway of any of your facilities again and I will not hesitate to express my dissatisfaction with your company at every opportunity.

710 N. Davis Ave. Cleveland, Mississippi USA


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