This company lies to tell lies and the management is rude. I have rented from them for about 4-5 months now and never once been late on a payment. I was late one time about a month ago and the assistant manager, Anthony, said that he would waive the late fees since I am never late and since I am such a good customer. Then 3 weeks later, when I called in to make my regular weekly payment, the manager of the store, Mark, told me that was a lie and that I was never told that because their company does not waive late fees. I explained to him that I was told that and he continued to tell me that I was not told that as their company will never waive late fees. I was then charged extra in late fees because of this. I do not trust this company as if they will lie about something as small as waiving late fees, then what else are they lying to me about? I will be taking my business elsewhere after how rudely I was treated.