I bought a hat from beth norton and sheryl roth at a trunk show. They said they were flight attendants and they bought the hats in paris. I paid several hundred dollars for the hat but that is still a low price for a french designer hat. I asked how they got them so cheap and they said that they just bring them back on the plane and do pay customs, and that they don’t claim them with the IRS.Well i bought the hat and wore it once and noticed that it seemed to be cheaply made . The second time i wore it , it started to literally fall apart. I called them and all they had to say was no refunds and hung up on me.I took the hat to a real hat store and they said it was a cheaply made Chinese knock-off that sells for $25.Do not buy hat from 2 women selling them under Your French Connection.

1137 audubon rd park hills, Kentucky United States of America