It is almost seven months now, since I paid $685.00 to sell our time share. Yes I discovered recently that “you should never pay to have someone sell your timeshare!”” Erica the salesperson that called me several times in the beginning of the year from BETTER BUSINESS LODGING; was very convincing saying that “”we go to trade shows all the time and these business owners like to buy timeshares to save them money on travel. She mentioned a couple coming up that weekend and that she just sold one “”it usually takes a couple of months””. I checked out the company thruough BBB

in Florida

and asked alot of questions of Erica including who the Director is: (Edward Adams). It all sounded legit and Erica was so nice on the phone assuring me that “”as long as I am available to answer customers phone calls to answer any questions that they may have promptly; that she would call me every month to let me know how the marketing was going: (that only happened once

I called her the second time

the third time I called BBL