Selling products that are nothing as advertised in videos and description on website. They said they would investigate and wanted me to be happy with purchase but needed pictures and video showing the product does not work. I sent all of that in through email and they keep putting me off for a refund after I purchased three rugs/mats and wanted to return two unopened products. Initial email to them was March 1 and Sara Collins keep replying asking for more time and said she escalated but she never gives me a definite response or a refund. There have been 21 email exchanges. The product is unusable. It was a door mat/rug that is supposed to keep water, mud, dirt, etc from coming on the house. The video shows a pretty large door mat and the one sent is thin, extremely small(and I wear a ladies size 6 shoe) and of course, does not keep water off as shown in the video provided. I can provide the video to you as well, the picture show has a normal mat and the blue small one is what I received.