Betty Moss, John Smith, Betty contacted me to donate money to my GoFundMe and ended up taking almost $500 of my money. Internet!!. Betty contacted me via instagram because she wanted to donate to my GoFundMe page to help pay for a medical treatment I was raising money for. She told me there was a fee upfront to clear my name in order to transfer the funds. Originally, it was only $75. Then she needed extra money, and I gave her $215 for another screening or something. Then her financier (John) needed more money for something (I don’t recall the terms or reasons they used) so I payed him an extra $200, all adding up to a grand total of $490. They said the final donation would include this money as a return, once I was verified. Then, John contacted me saying that the international fee was over $500 and his friend could front the money if I could pay him back. I explained that I didn’t have any more money to give, since I am paying off medical bills, going to grad school, unemployed, and dealing with credit card fraud. As soon as I explained I couldn’t pay back the $500 fee to his friend until I got the donation, they stopped responding to my texts, phone calls, and emails. I was then contacted by someone who I had been in contact with once and he said he was also a victim of theirs, and gave them almost 4,000 pounds in return for a donation to help with vet bills.

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