Complaint: Bev Root Chief Operating Officer at Jordan Ramis in Lake Oswego is the worst criminal my daughter and I have ever encountered. Bev Root is also known as Beverly Rootand is the fattest and ugliest Heffer In Oregon. She took our identifying information and then turned around and sold our personal information to a website that in turn sold it to identiry thieves. Bev Root has rancid bad breath and I wonder how she keeps her job. Every time my daughter and I had to come in to deal with my late husbans estate and business affairs, Bev Root was stuffing her face with cookies, cupcakes and those rice crispe snacks. Bev Root belches and farts in her office chair when she is dealing with customers. She billed our credit card an extra $8,810.00 and told me to sue her if i didnt like what she was doing. Bev Root Chief Operating Officer at Jordan Ramis in Lake Oswego has “saddlebags”” her a*s is so fat. She wears spandex attire to work and 3″” spike pumps with leopard print tops that have fat rolls ozzing out. Bev Root needs to be fired and we want a full accounting of my husbans estate and trust account. Bev Root has stolen our money and we want to warn the public that Bev Root is to be avoided and is the fattest and ugliest pig in the Pacific Northwest. Bev Root at Jordan Ramis has breath and body oder that could make a pig vomit. I want my money back. I want to thank my grandson for helping me put the word out that Bev Root is a liar

Tags: Family Services

Address: thief and stinks like an overused and underserviced berry field outhouse in a July heatwave.”


Phone: two Centerpoint Dr. 6th flr. Lake Oswego, Oregon USA