These guys are simply outrageous. They claim to have staff crew in cites all over the country. They don’t at all. They lie about it to you. They hire freelancers and the one that came to our job wasn’t even from the state, much less from the town where our shoot was. | They charge you 50% up front with a firm “no credit card chargebacks” policy and they don’t deliver what they claim that they will deliver. When you hire a LOCAL staff videographer with knowledge of the LOCAL area, you expect to get one from the local area, not one from several states away with absolutely no knowledge of the local area. | Even though the videographer was from another state, they did a good job of getting the footage we needed. But, to know that they drove to our shoot and were not local (when we were promised a LOCAL staff videographer), we knew that we had been lied to. The videographer was a freelancer, not a staffmember. After our shoot, we reached out to some of the clients that they list on their website and found that several of those clients had expereienced the same thing. They were told that they had staff crew in a location and the crew that came was not from the location and was freelance. (Nothing against freelance crew, but when you hire a LOCAL staff crew, you expect to get just that.) | About a week after the shoot, I had a friend email the videographer who came to do our shoot and also some truly LOCAL videographers and production companies. (Beverly Boy must have a really great SEO person, they show up on the first page locally and the local guys don’t.) The local companies were about 1/4 the cost of Beverly Boy for the same services. The videographer they sent gave a quote that included mileage and hotel room for just over 1/3 of what Beverly Boy charged us. Wow, they must think really highly of their ability to hire a freelancer from several states away. | To top it off, the owner sends out emails with all sorts of Bible verses in them. He spouts Christianity on the phone and on the website, but he deals with customers like someone who is most definitely not Christian. Hey, I’ve got nothing against Christians, but all the Bible and Jesus stuff don’t belong in business emails and on business calls. The guy even started questioning me about if I knew Jesus when I was trying to work out the details of our business arrangement. Not cool. | The bottom line is they did not provide what they claimed that they would provide. Anecdotally, we found out from other clients that they had done similar things to them. They did not tell the truth. Moreover, they charged WAY more than what others would have charged. (Wish we had done our due diligence prior to hiring them.) Steer clear of these guys. Do you due diligence to find a LOCAL company or videographer and sit down with them face-to-face. You will probably be glad you did. We sure wish that we had done it. Beverly Boy Productions surely was not truthful to us.


Name: Beverly Boy Productions

Country: United States

State: California

City: Garden Grove

Address: 13222 Raleigh Ct

Phone: 310-545-4717