This skanky Slore who also happened to be my ex-husband’s cousin wrecked my marriage! I did not know her and neither did my ex, really, because he wasn’t close to that side of his family at all. Our marriage was great. There were no red flags to say there was trouble brewing. Nothing more than typical little disagreements with a spouse! It all happened within a blink of an eye! I don’t even think he even knew what had happened until it was all said & done! A family member passed away. We went to the family night and then the funeral the next day. I had met many for the first time. My ex didn’t know them well at all, not even enough to know names. We did engage with everyone, including the homewrecker/cousin. A few days later, that same cousin came over to our home (briefly) because she wanted to ride on the back of my ex’s motorcycle, as she was obsessed with sports bikes. Innocently enough or so I thought, right? Sure, go right ahead, have fun! Afterall, they were cousins, so I had nothing to worry about as he rode her around on his Ninja! Boy oh boy was I mistaken! Next thing I knew, just a few days later, he was out all night, never came home til next day. I instantly knew something was up. I had called the hospitals, jails, friends. Nothing. When he finally got home, he told me this whole made up story (I won’t go into detail because it’s irrelevant), but needless to say, he left me not long after that and it left me completely devastated. Before I found out who the “other woman” was, he denied even seeing anyone, yet he had no excuse as to why he left. He came by the house often, almost daily and was acting different and out of routine, so I knew there was someone else. Later, I came across his phone bill. It told me everything I needed to know! I called the unfamiliar number and her voicemail picked up, stating her name. My heart sunk to my stomach. I couldn’t believe who’s voice & name was on that voicemail!! All of this was totally out of character for him. My family, his family and friends were all shocked by his choices. I know he’s part to blame, but she is a devious little twit! She thought it was funny that she “took my man!” Well, we divorced, he married her and they divorced 3 months later! I feel like it was all just a game to her, really. Soon as she got the ring on her finger, she was cheating again with someone else right after. Oh, and I know… the whole “cousin” thing is super gross!! lol