I purchased a trip to Hawaii through Beyond Boundaries at the beginning of August, 2014. The representative I worked with was Daniel, but I also had contact with the owner, Doug Lofland. Listed below are the series of negative events I experienced with Beyond Boundaries. The taxi service claimed that the times, locations, and information provided by Beyond Boundaries did not make sense and caused a lot of disorganization and inability to schedule. For example, our itinerary listed our pick up time from the airport was as 4:45PM. Our flight arrived at approximately 3:45PM but our cab driver was to pick us up at 3PM, as per guidance from Beyond Boundaries given to Pono Taxi (cab company) before our arrival. Pono Taxi did not have any of the pick up/drop off times/locations that were listed in the itinerary provided, despite the itinerary stating otherwise. Beyond Boundaries failed to convey the proper times and locations to Pono Taxi in order to make this a worry-free trip for us. Next, when booking our hotel room through Beyond Boundaries, I had requested an “ocean view”” room. Our only view was that of one of the other buildings on the hotel property

which completely blocked any chance of having an “”ocean view.”” I paid extra for this feature and when I inquired with the front desk

they said that no mention of a request for an “”ocean view”” were conveyed on our behalf by Beyond Boundaries. It was disappointing to find out that Beyond Boundaries had not honored our request. Finally

a night or two before we left

I tried to contact Daniel in regard to maps and directions for the bike tour. I tried emailing him and was stunned to find out that he was on vacation during the entire week of our trip