Complaint: I got a letter that said I had been selected to be a mystery shopper and the huge check included was to pay my first week’s wages, plus money for the first two assignments. They wanted me to deposit the check and then draw the money out for the assignments. Fortunately I found out this was a scam before I did it. The letter gives no details of the assignments; the person has to go to their website to “generate”” the assignments. Although I did not generate the assignment to make certain

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: I believe that the assignment would have been to “”evaluate”” a wire service by wiring a certain amount of money somewhere

Website: the person is liable for the huge amount. They did their best to make it look legit by stressing how important it was to verify the completion of assignments by faxing receipts to a “”coordinator”” and turning in evaluation forms immediately to avoid “”disqualification””

Phone: most likely overseas