BHM Financial Assured me that if I took a car title loan with them that I would have my funds within 24/48 hours. It’s been 48 business hours and still NO FUNDS! Montreal, QC!!. I realize that Car title loans have some of the highest interest rates and you risk having your vehicle towed. I’m in a position where I a’m between jobs and my credit rating is by no means bad but about average. I saw this as a short term solution as I need the money asap but only temporarily as I should be able to pay it off very shortly. I spoke to their rep “Lizz” who assured me that if I took a loan with them i’d receive the funds within 24/48 hours from that day. She was in instant communication with me while she needed all my info and to sign the contract. I had to give my countless references and they called one of them. I proceeded to sign the contract and give them everything they needed. After that point she was impossible to get ahold of. I called her, emailed her, emailed head office. Finally I got ahold of her and she assured me that the loan was processed and that I should see my money within 24/48 hours. That was on the Thursday the 21st. I emailed Friday morning to confirm, and was told by another representative that the bank transfer only took place that morning even though the other rep assured me it was done the afternoon before as that was the contigency of me taking a loan with them. It’s now Monday afternoon (I realize only business days are counted, however that withstanding its still been 48 business hours since I was promissed I would see the funds) and I still don’t have the money in my bank account. I have an email history with the rep stating where she assured me the money had been trasfered on Thursday afternoon and would be in my account within 48 hours. I took them at their word that they would follow through on their end. Now i’ve waisting all this time and commited to a loan with them and I have a lien on my vehicle and no funds. How is this company able to operate and conduct themselves in this manner?

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