Lost my money to bidz.com


My Complaint: I made a purchase December 27.2017. Contacted bidz.com several times leading up to may about the status of my order. Every time a received a generic response stating that the supplier was back ordered and I would receive my order shortly. After submitting another complaint ticket (7 in total) I received a response claiming I needed to dispute the charges with my credit card company for a refund as I was not receiving my order as bidz.com was not doing business with that supplier any longer. My order was cancelled. I contacted my credit card company to find out it was past the 119 days they allow for a dispute. Bidz.com well no longer respond to my questions. I have lost $500 to bidz.com.
PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM Bidz.com. If you do please be advised you well need to dispute your payment with your credit card company within 119 day.
Blatant Scam.


My Demand: Refund of funds and to speak to someone real.