Officer said there were lines as there was no lines as its a gravel parking lot across from IHOP in coralville Iowa and said it was private lot as it was not identified as private parking lot as it was totally full with cars . Officer simply stated my car was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. | *Towed my car away in a parking lot that was not identified as a private property and police officer said there were lines and there was no lines as it was gravel parking lot. The only sign it had was 15 dollars for train ride and I did pay for the train to the Iowa Hawkeye game as this parking lot was full and just because my car was blocking someone in as when I parked there there was only two rows but officer said by time game started there was three rows and person wanted out and I was the only car to get towed away. This parking lot is always full due to the football team train riders and I feel my car should have not been towed away as I did not know it was private or certain parking areas as it was full .*


Name: Big 10 University Towing

Country: United States

State: Iowa

City: Iowa

Address: 3309 Hwy 1 SW

Phone: 319-354-5936