in 1997 i had a account with mega tan. i became pregnant and chose to freeze my account so i could continue the use after i had my child.before a couple months later i learned that big bear tan had gone out of business.i was very upset that i had lost more than six months of tanning. ni latter learn that bill groh was going into business agian. i was very hesitant to rejion. i wiated till big bear tan was open almost a year i believe before going back. nnow having two little girls and going through a divorce. i wanted something nice for i decided to back. ni wrote out three postdated checks for the amount of 128.00 each.nand began tanning. a few mouths went by and bill advertised that he was no longer going to sell the executive package that i had purchased early. that i could buy one at half price agian.reluctantly i wrote three more checks for the same amount. na week after cashing my second check i went to tan.i found a note on the door stating that they lost the lease with thier tanning equipment and hope to reopen oct. 1 . ni work for the usps and while delivery on this route i found that big bear tan was cleaned out,and i had lost over six hundred dollors.thats alot of money for a single mother of two and omly one income. nabout a week later i got the third check in the mail. writen on it was void and sorry. nnow after finding that bill groh has been doing this for quite sometime bothers me.and finging also that our attorney genarals office is doing nothing makes me question. nbill groh will continue to this as long as hes aloud.i believe he should held accountable and punished for his actions. tha attorney genneral needs to take this opportunity. ni still have reciepts and copies of my checks if i can be of any more use please contact. ntannilenfountain hills, Arizona

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