Complaint: At first , my experience with Big Orange was a good experience. They seemed to pay on time, or within a few days of when they are supposed to pay you. I was recieving regular booking invitations from the booking agents. That is, until I had gotten sick, and sent in a doctors note. I was then removed from their mailing list, without warning ( meaning I am not longer recieving event notifications, making it so I no longer work ) . I had contacted every single event specialist in reguards to this over the past two weeks. Not one person out of the 6 booking agents has responded to me. I then contacted those who are in charge of big orange; all of the higher ups whom I had found on the big orange website landing page. I was contacted back by one of them. They were kind, apologized for me being sick, and for getting removed. They had stated they would get me back onto the mailing list for work. This was 10 days ago. Within those ten days, I have been emailing everyone. The event specialists, the higher ups, and I have left voicemails to them. No one is responding to me. I had been with the company just shy of a year. I had worked for them quite a few times, without issues. I am unsure as to why I am being given the cold shoulder by each and every single person from this company. It just isnt right, when all you do for work is this type of work due to a medical issue which prevents you from working full time. It isnt right when this is what you depend on for an income, and they either straight up ignore you, or make false promises.

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: Nationwide USA


Phone: 4017239500