Big Red Sports and Imports Big Red Kia, Big Red, BRSI Put Lives In DANGER Norman, Oklahoma!!. Big Red Sports and Imports put many customers and employees in danger when a mechanic came to work high on methadone and zanex! They were going to let him work, even gave him keys to a customers car. He had a car on a lift got in it and started reving the enginge, played with flammable materials but thankfully could not find welding equipment. When it became apparent that he could not function they gave him a ride home! They DID NOT fire him or make him take a drug test and as of today is back to work. I have heard that he tried to say it was a concusion but he admitted to another employee that he did take zanex with his methadone, which any medical personal can tell you is a very dangerous combination. This is just my opinion, the information is second hand knowledge. I believe everyword of it. The mechanic is a know drug abuser and addict.
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