I was a steady customer of big romans pizza of sebastian till they started ripeing me off over chargeing me for my order then my order is wrong no refund i called for a refund he said i got your money and to f ** off i work hard for my money the employees have bad body odder never wash there clothes or take bathes they smoke in there kitchen never wash hands after they use restroom no personalty take 2 to 3 hours for delivery or never show up at all the owner is a moron they get lost when they deliver my pizza they come here all the time emplyees all get paid under the table they charge you 2.00 dollars for parmazan chesse no nampkins old pizza boxes that are mildewd the owner is out for a quick buck he will cuss you out i dont no how they are still open and keep one customer they say free delivery but they charge you 5.00 delivery charge and want a tip on top of it if you dont give them another 5.00 tip they will mumbel under there breath and call you a cheap b****** the old owners was nice people took care of you and gave your money back and made your order wright and took bathes and made good food and paid his employess and paid taxes his good revewis are from him his employees and family not real customers i am a real customer but not any more my life is inportant to eat old food kept at room temp employyees work for food or vollunteers please avoid china wok next door has good food and dont riip you off but they dont deliver but its worth picking up they have no food handelers linncees if people only new how restrants served food that shold have ben throeing out you would all ways eat at home much safer and cheaper at least you no what you got all big romans cares about is stealeing your money thats right your money only dont support big romans pizza so gets rich and you get sick from his food they are so rude cussing out old people they have no parm chesee on tables and want two dollars for a small cup i say no thank you and go next door to winn dixie and buy my own parm cheesee you should not have tobuy your own parm cheesee other restrants give you parm cheesee for free what do think about it you can eat there i wont i no better i ben taken to the cleaners with them i am still disputeing charges on my credit cards if you are still brave and dont belive me make sure you use a credit card so you can get your money back you will need it never pay cash but you will end up on the toilet with violent diaree and throeing up they have many violation with the health dept food inspecione i about died a few times from food poisned that restrants new were bad and still served the food any way they never throwe any thing a way i had a calzone last week the riccotta chessee was dri and clumpee it was very old and turneing green i can get better riccotta cheesee at winn dixie there ziti is all noodels no sauce and hard old cheesee that you cant chew thank you and be safe stay a way from big romans pizza sebatian fl


Name: Big Romans Pizza

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Micco

Address: 7960 US-1 #4

Phone: 772-664-1717