Complaint:, 132 West 31 Street, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10001, Phone 646-580-7330. Stay away from, their phone is 646-580-7330 they do everything by text they office is at 132 west 31 street 15th Floor near madison square garden. I was looking for a room in brooklyn and went to office where the dominican lady working there took $150 cash right away right off the bat. then she told me to later on log into there website address where I get the rooms and when I did that I got all these rooms that were already rented and were just taken off craigslist and the internet and the owners have no idea why the is sending there customers to them so then I went back to the office where the dominican lady told me there are NO REFUNDS so then I called 911 to get the cops and then the lady finally gave me the refund of the money when the cops came. itu2019s a big RIP OFF so stay away from these guys if they already scammed you just go back to their office and call the COPS so you can get your money its just another scam company with a website that looks good and when you get to there office it looks good too but after you pay there advance fee you will find out its just another nice looking fraud.

Tags: Realtors

Address: 132 West 31 Street, 15th Floor New York, New York USA


Phone: 646-580-7330