Big Fish Games Fraud


My Complaint: “JigsawPuzzle2 Platinum edition”
Recovering a purchased game is advertised as a free option on their website.They recovered my account for the game but as I pointed out to them a number of times, it isn’t functional unless the the troubleshooter app. is included in the shortcut icon like the originally purchased game had.Since 03/28/2014 they have stopped replying to my requests after they charged me an additional $2.09 on 03/26/2014 for a recovery fee ; Order Number: 208163469. 03/28/2014 they are trying to force me to choose a different game sending me a coupon code to use.
I have repeatedly contacted Tibosoftware(the developers)for help,who advised me to contact BigfishGames for support.
I found the game on website and I am currently using a trial version that included the troubleshooter app. attached in the shortcut icon and I am satisfied with it,but I shouldn’t need to repurchase the game InMyOpinion.
I am willing to repurchase if I am required to,but I want my $2.09 fee refunded from BigFishGames first and foremost.
Maybe they would like to refund the $19.95 I paid for it on 11/26/2012 also?
So 03/28/2014 was the last time bigfishgames contacted me about this product.


My Demand: Fully refund fees paid.Or make the game work.Game title:JigsawPuzzle2 Platinum edition.