Complaint: On 8-9-2003 we went to Bill Heard at town center to get a car by trading a 2000 Ford Ranger. We talked to Tom Abernathy. He said that there was only two cars that he could get us into which was a 2003 Olds. Alero and one other, this was not going out and looking at the cars on the lot and picking which one we wanted but was the car off to the side. So we went and looked at the Alero test drove the car and told him that we liked it. We then went back into the office to do the paper work. Meanwhile I kept asking how much the car is and Tom kept saying that “he didn’t know that we had to figure out some stuff first””. So

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Address: we were waiting and Tom was telling us some of the great things about the car

Website: 000.00. So your thinking that some of the extra amount is from the ranger NO we only owed 9800.00 on the ranger and the gave us 10

Phone: 1. Olds. is going out of business so the car will go up in value (one of the reasons we could get this car it didnt loose value) 2. We would be able to come back in one year to trade. All Lies. Come to find out the car was only at the time worth about 9