Complaint: With a large family and 2 working adults you need two vehicles and when your kids grow you need to get a larger one. It’s just that simple. We were sent a letter telling us how my husband could get the “bend over backwards and get you financed”” and what we got is stuck. After almost 4 weeks of being put off and told the financing is done. This company’s pressure tactics are frigtening. I told them we wanted no negotiation on price–this was just another stall. The bad part is when we were told to return and resign this contract the second time I was tricked into signing by being told it is all the same as the first contract repeatedly but come to find out –it was not! My husbands name

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Address: the main reason we had gone there in the first place had been taken off. Since my husband had ingeniusly been sent to the truck for the other paperwork

Website: offered better deals

Phone: I was the one who was made fool of. Sitting there with my two young sons as my husband came back to be told he didn’t need to sign because now I was the only one on the loan I now feel like I have signed my financial soul to the devil. I seek any help I can get against this company. I only want to return this truck and get my $1500 back. We tried to do this the decent way by going down there to return the truck but no one would take the keys. We were lied to