Complaint: Bill Waggoner States “I’m The Internet Email Marketing Guru”” and “”I have the Most Prolific Network Servers and Database in North America with over 100Million Email Addresses and I can customize any Email Marketing Program and Target Market your audience for your specific product or service

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: thereby giving you ‘Hot Leads’ to promote your business.”” Then Mr. Waggoner proceeds to sell you a $500 package for 2 Million Emails or his “”Gold Package”” best deal of 52 Million targeted Emails for the $1

Website: he gives you one lame excuse after another on why he’s not delivering the service and product that he sold you on. STAY CLEAR OF THIS GUY!!!! DON’T SEND HIM ANY MONEY!!!! DON’T BUY INTO HIS SMOOTH TALK!!!! THIS GUY IS A RIP OFF EXPERT!!!! Also

Phone: 200 price tag. Once he receives your money