I was recently searching for a used Ford pickup, 4WD, good condition, reasonable price. I purchased a truck the salesman really seemed to want me to consider, and my wife and I eventually decided to buy the truck. It is a 2008 Ford F150 Extended Cab 4WD. We agreed to pay $16,000.00. We signed the purchase agreement on March 13th, (2017)! Mind you, it’s ONLY been two-and-a-half weeks. Wait…it gets more interesting! Anyway, 4 days after purchasing the truck, on the way to pick my wife up from work, the truck automatically accelerated for no apparent reason. Thinking this was a “one-off” as things sometimes happen for no reason, it was NOT! It continued to have this problem. | Called BILLION and they “finally” relented to take a look at it in their shop. Not sure why they wouldn’t more readily stand behind a $16,000.00 vehicle! To continue, after checking things out in their shop, I was told it could be a variety of different issues, but did not agree to help us any further. We were told to start trying different things to see if that would help. The perils of buying a used vehicle, right?! A large, reputable business such as BILLION should take a more proactive concern for the vehicles (and people) on the road. That said, made a little discovery. The previous owner left an insurance card in the glove box. Took a chance and wound up finding the previous owners on Facebook. Sent them an email asking them about the truck, thinking it would be quicker to understand what’s wrong with it. Interestingly enough, I heard back shortly, and we decided to have a quick phone conversation. | As it turns out, this couple told my wife and I they purchased the truck the month BEFORE we did, and RETURNED it because of all of its issues. We even found the photo the owners took in front of the truck at the dealership when they bought it. It’s still on BILLION’s website. THIS IS THE PART I WANT YOU TO REALLY UNDERSTAND….From our experience, it would seem as though BILLION Nissan of Sioux City is more interested in selling vehicles they KNOW – THAT THEY KNOW – have serious issues to their customers. In reality, BILLION never should have shown us this truck, and certainly to no one else until they fixed what they knew was wrong. It would appear BILLION was ONLY interested in getting rid of a problem from their books and not care who they adversely affected, financially or personal harm. | The core issue with the truck that was not disclosed to my wife or me was the fact that at 55+ MPH, the truck accelerates on its own. This is a HUGE safety concern for me and my family. | BILLION will NOT stand behind this sale and ensure it is safe for my family to ride in. For us, this is a $16,000 paperweight! BILLION should be held to account for this sale.


Name: Billion Auto

Country: United States

State: Iowa

City: Iowa

Address: 2845 Mormon Trek Blvd

Phone: 1-888-453-4862

Website: www.billionauto.com/