My last 4-year drought with this man I married only to relentlessly end in lies, deceit, betrayal, and having my house┬áraided trying to set me up. He was getting his mistress to start shooting up methamphetamines always having me stand in a long line of women. I finally was smart enough to go, but not before he came home and shared Sunny Farnsworth’s bladder infection with me which is beyond repulsive. What he does makes me feel dirty. This is the same kind of lame person who will give you a kiss, tell you he’ll be back in 25 minutes and never come home only to have the bitch he’s cheating with call you from his phone to tell you she’s doing more with your husband. Over time I’ve definitely come to call him mr. Desperately Seeking. There’s nothing left in this person except for a heartless soulless dope fiend. Ladies beware!