We bought a BioLet 60 XL (multoa 60) last summer. Same problems everyone else is having. The unit is supposed to handle three to four people full time and six occasionally. Truth is the Biolet 60 XL deluxe model won’t handle even emergency peeing from one person. We have 4 people in the home and after the first few weeks the men pee outside all the time. The woman only pee in it in emergencies now. It builds up a foul liquid no matter how high the heat is turned. Calls to the company quickly go nowhere with expensive money wasting solutions. First we were told vent pipe wasn’t high enough so we laid out the cash, and bought extra vent pipe, then we were told maybe rain or snow was getting into the pipe so we shelled out more cash for a wind directional cap. Then when that solved nothing and we were now three months into this smelly soggy mess that kept running out onto the floor the blades stop turning. They said it must be our fault and that we had the heater turned too high which must have turned the compost to cement stopping the blades. That obviously wasn’t the problem because we followed instructions and cleaned it out to the tune of vomiting in P-Eww Minor and it was soggy as a marsh in springtime. And it still starts and stops as before whenever it wants to. The cursed thing has a mind of it’s own. Most likely faulty electrical in the motor but you can’t tell Biolet that, because all they do is try to find a way to blame the customer even though we have followed their instructions to the letter. We called Biolet more than a few times off and on all last winter and they kept coming up with more ways to waste money and run off warranty time. Biolet told us the bathroom must not be warm enough even though the bathroom temperature never falls below 70 and is stationary at around 74 most of the time. They told us to install a space heater in the bathroom which we did before they even suggested it, and insulate the bathroom floor which we did before it was installed. More money wasted. Too bad I don’t have a real toilet to flush it down (the money) instead of throwing it at biolet. Around $2600 dollars worth of aggravation now not to mention all the foul smells that come from our new Biolet indoor outhouse. Oh what am I saying? I have smelled outhouses that smelt better than our newly remodeled humanure pit. Just got through calling Biolet again the other day and I was told that it might be the thermostat or heater, or maybe even not enough insulation in the attic but I know that this is just another ploy to stall. Our attic is fully insulated and the pipe in the attic space is covered over every inch with insulation. I do not believe the heater works at all. Now they admit a few days ago it too may be faulty, but after searching rip off reports I read on another site where the whole idea is flawed and the design poor and I believe it. I have been saying it was poorly designed after a few weeks in. We would all be better following the advice of others and creating a no pee in the biolet rule, unless it’s an accident when pooping. The cursed thing is such a poor design you can’t even hook a leach line to it. The drain hole is too high on the collector tray to even try to run a leech line to this supposedly never needs a leech line system. It’s a soggy stinky smelly mess, and we are $2600 dollars poorer and would have been better off peeing in a bucket. I wish I would have read the complaints i saw today on PoopReport.com about Biolet and this type of composting toilet. The complaints against Biolet are piling up along with complaints againts other companies like envirolet and sun-mar. www.poopreport.com/BMnewswire/991.html Seems the whole idea is a very bad one. I should have flushed my money down a toilet that worked, instead of handing it over to the Biolet for a stinky smelly sewage and sludge filled indoor outhouse.

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