I want to file a report against the company of Biotech Research in north canton ohio. I bought a eden pure heater from them in nov 2011 used it 5 months put it up for the summer, got it out on oct.25 2011 and it didn’t work I returned it only to receive an RFH heater that broken iinto pieces the black plastic end covers were broken. I called biotech to report the damange. they sent me a return lable. I got another RFH and it doesn’t work either so i have to send it back but this time I’m going to inform biotech that I donn’t want a heater I want my money refunded. How can Bob Vila and Richard Karns indores this company they have very bad products. This company needs to have a CLASS ACTION Lawsuit brought against them. They are a ripoff company and need to be brought down. $400.00 is to much to pay for a crap heater. I WANT MY MONEY BACK…

7800 Whipple Avenue N.W. N. Canton, Ohio United States of America



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