Birch Tire & Auto DANGEROUS BRAKES Rockaway New Jersey!!. I have been a customer of Birch Tire & Auto for over 10 years and I will never return. My vehicle was brought in for a simple tire change. Upon pick-up, there was a loud squealing noise coming from the driver-side wheels… this would have been very apparent to Birch as they moved my car from the bay to the parking lot. The other issue was all four rims were scratched all the way around from whatever machine they used to put the tires on… these were perfect rims purchased 8 months ago. THE BIGGEST ISSUE was the fact that they said nothing about my brakes (which were in DANGEROUSLY poor condition) when they reviewed my bill… they did however try to sell me a sensor which I do not need. My car is at another shop today (about 3 weeks later) and this mechanic states “whoever looked at your car last was a complete idiot”. I could have gotten into a serious accident or gotten s

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