I have known this person for 15 years and have never known him to be anything but a habitual liar and cheat. He would not tell the truth even if he would benefit, which of course he would. He also will not give anyone a fair shake on any deal. My meaning is that he will short change a customer every time, regardless of the type of deal it is, even if only a clean up on a car. The victim on the aircraft issue has this guy pegged to a “T”. He is a drunk and a liar and a cheater and a phonie. He does get drunk daily and actually laughs about cheating people out of their money. He is an idiot too, as he has been offered many chances to succeed in business, but allows his dishonesty to ruin it every time. I would not consider getting into an airplane he worked on nor anything else. A true scoundrel if ever there was one. Low life might be the more accurate description.

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