Complaint: I had tried another company with exactly the same title and offer but it had no contact email, so I wrote to this company before investing 0.0716 Bitcoins ($20) for which I was to get 100 times my investment back. This company has a support line which I wrote to and told them I did not want to be scammed or defrauded. Their answer was, “Hello! Yes

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: it’s OK. We will waiting your deposit.”” I had told them what I would invest and what I expected back according to their website. They had assured me that they were not a fraud or scam as another company with the same offer. I made my deposit of 0.0716 BTC on August 13

Website: “”Support: Did you lie to me? I have received nothing from you after making my deposit of 0.0716 BTC. How can you do this kind of business and commit fraud? You told me that you were sorry I was in a fraud with another company but you did the same thing. Do you have no conscience? PLEASE SEND MY PROFIT NOW! If I tell your story on Ripoff Scams you wonu2019t get any more money from any other investors

Phone: 2015 and I wrote them to confirm with a copy of my Coinbase confirmation notice. I did not hear back so I wrote again and asked how long it would take and what time of day they would make the deposit. Still I received no answer. I wrote a total of six emails that day and further days. I also began to send payment requests from my Coinbase account and did that at least 6 or 7 times. Finally