Safe-option contacted me on the internet. They stated that for only $250.00 i could make a lot of money. That it would be done automatically by one of their very best brokers. That i could be msking at least $5,000 per month in extra income. They stated that i could withdraw money anytime i needed it. | The broker kept contacting me and telling me if i would just increase my investment by $5,00 to $1,000 each time he called me. I tried to withdraw several times because i was making a little bit each time but he just kept calling me and talking me out of the withdrawal. He would tell me that he had something great to invest in that would take me to a point that i could safely withdraw earnings. But that goal kept going up. At first, they told me i could withdraw anytime i liked. Then it went to after i had $5,000 in then it was $10,000 and the final straw for me was $50,000. I then asked for all the money back including the money i made. I never heaed from him again. I couldn’t reach him by phone or e-mail or by messages i sent from my account page directly to the people that issued the withdrawals. I had invested with my own money $5,500 and my balance in my account was $10,898.26. | Mybank is trying to get6 the $5,500 back but the difference, the money i made of 5,398.26 is still outstanding. Ive complained to several agencys and they all sent me to you.Please get my money back for me. I really need it. Im on disability.


Name: Bj Voip Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

State: England

City: Manchester

Address: Advantage Business Centre, 132-134 Great Ancoats Street

Phone: 44-20-38071490