I do not recommend working for BJM & Associates, aka BRENDA JANE”Y” MOORES. I can remember being sent on an assignment and working my butt off for the client and being treated horribly by the client. When I explained this to PEGGY, (Brenda’s sister that was working for her at the time and answering the phone at their office) she became extremely rude with me and even hung up on me. Before hanging up on me, she told me that I would not be paid. I was only seeking to be placed with another company if possible and nothing more. | When I went to pick up my paycheck at their office, Janey was there and she and I got into an argument at the window. She threatened to call the police on me if I didn’t leave. Not only did I complain to the wage board, I contacted a law firm. When her office received notification of my complaint, she immediately forwarded it to her husband who is an attorney. | He responded by letter on her behalf, stating his opinion/thoughts and other things. | I ended up being paid what I was owed after going through this. Although I hate working for temp agencies (and I haven’t worked for one in about 10 years) because their only goal is to keep making money off of you by sending you from job to job, I highly recommend working for another agency, like Judy’s Staffing, (Judy Scully Moore). At least Judy is friendly and will come out and talk to you face to face. |


Name: BJM & Associates, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

City: Lexington

Address: 190 W Lowry Ln., Suite #120

Phone: (859) 223-3000

Website: www.bjmstaffing.com/