BJ’s National Hand Car Wash Damaged the passenger side of my console. North Hollywood California!!. On July 5, 2018 I went into Bj’s to have my car washed. I asked for the $14.99 wash that was posted on the large sign in front of my car. The manager/owner walked me into the cashier area and offered me a “Deal.” In his words, ” Because you have a good job and a silver car, I’m going to tell you that the birdshit on your car eats at the paint like acid.” So, I will give you a wash, wax, birdshit protection and rim deal for $21.99.” Don’t expect this deal every time you come here though.” I said okay. I then went back to my car to remove my pool stick so that I could put it into the trunk. I reached in from the passenger side while two of his employees stood to wait. No damage was present. The cosole of my car was melted and the cup holder had been pushed all the way in and I am unable to get it out. I called

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