I took my car to the BJ’s club tire center in Hookset, NH to get the tires replaced one evening. I was told that day that there were 16 tires of the model I wanted. As they were working on someone else’s car, I decided to come the next day morning. When I went there at 10am I was told by another guy that those tires were out of stock. I was surprised that it could have gone out so soon. Anyway I told him I’ll look around in other shops and if I couldn’t find it I’ll special order by phone and he was ok with that. I later called to special order and he said I have to be in person to do that. I was extremely frustrated that only a few hours back I had told I’ll call and they were ok and now they changed their mind. I did go to special order in a couple of days and I was told by the first guy(who said 16 tires were in stock) that the tires were in stock and 8 of them are available. He charged my creditcard and made me wait for 45 minutes and he comes back and says they are not in stock. I was VERY FRUSTRATED. I still kept my composure and asked if they could special order those. He said those tires are NOT MANUFACTURED anymore. I’ll have to go with a slightly higher priced tires. I asked him if he could atleast give those for the same price as the other tires, considering how much hastle I had gone through. He turned his head pretending not to hear and charged my credit-card and said “it’s not in my control””. He didnt even apologize for any of that. I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED and went to the front desk and explained what happened and asked that my membership be cancelled. She didn’t even try to offer any options to retain my membership. She said “”Fine. I’ll do that right now””. BJ’s Hookset NH has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’ve ever seen. nSivanRaymond

New HampshireU.S.A.”

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