Complaint: This is my first time at this site and finally seeing a site that offers freedom of speech I though to my self what company has f****d me over the most. The number one company that came to mind was BJ’s Wholesales Club. No company has aggravated me like this company has so I am sure people will look at this and think it is just a former employee trying to get revenge. I started my job as a box person since they don’t use bags. I believe I did this for a month or two before they had another position opened. This position was not an issue but after is where it starts. I went and worked at the gas station I believe for about two years. The problem I had was safety where the company wanted the employee to walk around the pumps, greet people, and just make sure everything is going fine. My first safety issue was being a human target. About half the signs were gone from people tearing them up on the pumps but the wrong way signs were clear as day and people did not care to read. The closes counter I had was I could have smacked a hood of a car from standing in the middle of the pump lane. The other main issue I had with the gas station the lack of concern for proper pumping of gas. The pumps have a shut off switch to prevent overage from damaged pump equipment to the people acting like idiot’s and leaving a pump running. A manager even told customers that this safety switch was a problem and shouldn’t be there. After nearly being hit multiple times, and disregard to safety, I did find another opening within the company. My last position was in tire sales. Being in tire sales proved to be a big mistake. The area was looked as the black sheep of the company due to it’s agreement with Tuffy automotive to do the work. For about two years as well at this position, sales were pretty good through the problems the company put on the employees that worked in the department but a dramatic drop in sales around the end of my termination. One problem I had was a manager who was young at the time had been known for her power trip. She didn’t like hearing excuses even if it cost more of a sale she wanted what she wanted done. With how this store was, we had an older employee and a younger employee work a day. To the best of my knowledge, we all got along for the most part but that hinders speed of taking inventory or stocking when shipments came in. Put in together with a manager that tells you to do another’s job and expect to get inventory done in a short time frame becomes worse then hitting the lottery. Some other jobs that I did while doing tires ended up taking a lot of strength to do and finishing up with inventory or stock took even me to my limits and I did a lot of wrestling with my brother and tired him out half the time. While working in tires, they also had us work in propane which is another work load to deal with. I lost count on how many times they called back at tires to do another’s job or assist with a customer while I was filling propane tanks dealing with multiple customers waiting for there fill. It got to a point that I would say “do you want me to stop with these customers and go help your’s””. That worked for awhile until management got in and started saying yes. BJ’s definitly had some pissed off customers for about a week until they corrected it. Of other notes are that I started keeping counts then lost count of how many times an ambulance came to get an older customer who fainted in the store because the “”ac didn’t work””. Management was another issue with the company. besides the one mentioned earlier

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Address: the assistant manager didn’t care if an employee was upset

Website: etc. as what was told to me when I had a complaint was the manager (who I was complaining about) had good numbers and therefore does a good job with the company. I also had a complaint about a fellow employee

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