We reached out to BL Christmas Trees to place our order for the Xmas Season of 2016 for our garden center. We sell grave blankets; wreaths; live cut Christmas trees. Through the Internet we were able to speak to a sales person at BL Christmas Trees and placed an order for appx 200 Xmas trees, 100 bales of tree brush and 10 dozen wreaths. BL required that we pay them prior to delivery which was sort of odd in our experience and that the funds need to be sent via wire transfer as the company does accept any othe paysment methods. This should have been my first signal to pause and proved to be critical. Paynent was sent 2 wells prior to delivery. On the original delivery date, BL’s driver called us and canceled the delivery for that scheduled date. This put us out 500 usd as we had hired extra hands to help h load the truck. The delivery was scheduled for Monday. | On Monday the delivery arrived and before we were going to be able to view the products we were required to sign for total receipt of the cargo without viewing or accounting for what was shipped. The shipment itself was incomplete as many of the items we had paid for never shipped out. Upon viewing the products we called BL Christmas Trees and spoke to CO-Owner Hugo Lemyre and let him know that we were extremely unhappy with the products and rather than getting into a situation of seeking a credit for the bad products we chose to reject the whole order. Hugo refused this. Said that we would be charged for the cargo regardless and he would advise th driver to dump the he cargo somewhere. | After a heated conversation on the phone we accepted the order with the agreemebnt Hugo would come to our place of business and inspect the products and work something out accordingly. On top of that they would send us an agreement to be signed to issue the money they owed us for failing to deliver our complete order. The trees and trees we did receive we browning from being cut way too early. The were yellow in some places and had bare spots all over. The brush was wilted and so dry that the needles were dropping like uncooked rice. Per Hugo’s request, 23 sent pics and everything in hopes of coming to an agreement to offset the wasted products that we had to out and source replacements locally. We were strung along for days about having Hugo visit our store to view the delivery in person and even suggested that we hire a 3rd party agency to come out and do a unbiased assessment but never heard a response from BL. Finally were told that they are going to cut us a check r money owed to us for the products that never made I.

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