B&L Towing Deceptive Towing Practices Carteret New Jersey!!. I own a Limousine company and one of my drivers had a flat on the NJ Turnpike. We contacted the Turnpike Authority who said they would send a “Service Vehicle” to see if they could repair the tire. Service vehicle arrived but tire was unrepairable on roadside. Before I instructed the driver to drive on flat to rest area, I wanted to see how much a tow was. I contacted B&L Towing in Carteret. I exlained that this was a small 4 passenger limo, the same length of a full size pick up truck and would fit on flatbed. They stated they would send a truck to “assess” what type of tow truck ould be needed. Again, I explained that a standard flatbed would do since I already had that vhicle towed twice before. I requested an estimate on towing costs and was told that after the assessment I would receive a phone call with price. I plainly stated that by no means should they tow the vehicle anywhere until I receive a price. If I decided to tow, it would be to Pep Boyz which is right off the next exit which was approx 2 to 3 miles from my drivers location. If the tow cost was too high, I was going to instruct the driver to drive on a flat to the rest area and I would meet him there with a good spare. The next call I received was from my driver stating he was at Pep Boyz. He said they told him to tow it and loaded it on a Landsol which is used to carry huge equippment and very large trucks. I called B&L and asked why I never received a call and also why such a large truck towed it. They stated I owe them $550 for the tow. The car was unloaded and the Pep Boyz tech was ready to install a tire. Me & The rep from B&L were arguing price and the fact that they towed without my permission or knowledge of price.. when the owner of B&L called his drivers and demanded they get the keys from the Pep Boyz tech and told my driver nobody is working on this vehicle until they get paid. So basically they were holding the vehicle hostage. I explained to the tow company that I have no plans on NOT paying even though they did it without my permission but the price was way too high for such a short tow. They didnt want to hear anything! After realizing that I was getting nowehere and they were not going to allow our vehicle to get fixed, I reluctantly paid the fee. My driver had to be at the airport and already missed one trip. They charged $250 to tow to exit (3 mile away), $200 to to to Pep Boyz from the exit (right up the street), $75 labor to tow (I thought that was part of their job) and $25 for 3 miles. Total of $550. I called a few other tow companies after the fact and they agreed that B&L performed a deceptive practice. They never gave e a price, they never confirmed drop off location, AND they had no right demanding keys from Pep Boyz once the vehicle was in their possession. I contated B&L demandng to speak to the owner and he never returnd my calls. I cant believe that the Turnpike Authority is allowing this company (who is contractd with them) to performed such illegal practices! I also fond out that I am not the only person to complain about their Rip Off Practices.

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