I will try to keep this report as short as possible till noted. I have ordered two books from the online store theblackcourt or the Temple of Maergzjirah as they are both the same company. The two books that I had put orders thru are called “Rites in the thirteen Tongues “. I have been trying to get into contact for weeks regarding my orders both with numerous emails and with Facebook post which I know they have received without a doubt. I even requested a refund after waiting patiently for a year, but still no response. I would file a report thru PayPal the payment on whom I sent my funds thru. But it’s been over the time limit to file a complaint. Total balance I paid for both books is $284 including shipping charges.


Name: Black Court Magickal Works

Country: United States

State: Michigan

City: Warren



Website: theblackcourt.com/