We at North Austin Taxi Service LLC Were contacted by Black Diamond Services in February 2011 thru July 2011 . we served their patients, customers, special needs customers to the doctors, hospitals…etc they assured me that within 30 days of my Company Invoicing them,that they will send checks ! It’s been more than a 1 year and I have never been Paid a little bit over 1000.00 supposed to be paid no later than August 2011 every time i call the company they hang up on me and refer me to their attorney Denial Gass, 954-741-8228 his fax is 954-746-7690 this attorney never got a chance to talk to me, cause he never provide time to talk to anybody !! when I call a company again and again they blacked all my numbers. it takes me to their voice mail All I get are Answering Machines telling me to Email Them and No Reply to My Emails. i emailed them more than 20 times NO ANSWER EXEPT ONE TIME SAYS YOU ARE NOT ALONE , BE PATIENT!!!! I would just like to be Paid for the Services, now With the economy the way it is, we refrain from doing any further contracting because of them, now I am doing the best i can to get our money back if anybody has the same issues with those fake companies please contact me at least we can prevent others from falling into their scams email me @ [email protected] att JOSHUA.

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