Complaint: The black people meet dating web site is a rip off from the start they miss lead you from the gate it say it’s free but that’s not true they word it just to trick you ,you get set up and the they won’t let you read the messages until you pay money and then they really get you they tell you on price and say you can cancel at any time but look real careful cause while your paying you $10 &change fee they slip in another rip off and what they really take is $66 & change and i call them 2 day later theseamy no refund but you can cancel but they keep all your money they don’t care if i have money or not they just ripped me off and when i ask for the corporate office to complain they said they could give me no number for them just a po box in Texas with no city … just a Big Rip Off

Tags: Politicians

Address: Pobox12627 Texas USA


Phone: 18667278920