Blackbird Motors Inc When ordered i was told that the Gasket kit was included and was not when received. west sunbury Pennsylvania!!. Before ordering a remanufactured Honda motor from Blackbird motors i had called several times making sure that the motor was available for the timeframe i needed it. I had spoke with the front desk as well as one of the owners. The day that i ordered the part i spoke with one of the owners who said he had a motor ready to be shipped. I asked him if the Gasket kit was included and he had stated Yes. (my mechanic told me to make sure it’s included which it normally should be). I then was transfered to another person who took down my order info. I then was told that i would receive a shipping number from Fedex within a couple days when it is shipped. A week later there was no email so i called asking what was the hold up. The owner then stated that he wasn’t sure i needed it right away and i told him i would not have paid if i didn’t need it. So then i finally received the shipping info a few days later. Upon arrival my mechanic had already started pulling my motor apart and called to tell me that there is no gasket kit. So i called them and then the lady that took my order said that the gasket kit was not on the Invoice that she had received. I then got angry and told her that it needs to be shipped as the owner said it was included. She then put me on hold and came back saying i would need to talk to the owner (person who originally told me it was included) and gave me his cell phone number. After numerous calls for the next 24 hours he would not pick up the phone and sent me to voicemail. So i left a few messages. No return calls were made. I was then forced to purchase the gasket kit locally which costed me an additional $412. that would have made me go to another company becuase of the price difference. I also noticed that when i ordered this part that living in Florida they charged me PA sales tax of almost $300. When i confronted them about that they did return that money. I am filing this becuase i had to pay an additional $412 for parts that were told by one of the owners was included in the purchase.

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